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How To Memorize The Quran With Ease

When people say how to memorize they are referring mainly quran And then perhaps to the hadith and some of the texts of islamic learning and so on.

If you want to memorize the Quran first you need to make sure that you have your obligations in place. Whatever Allah has made obligatory upon you have it in place, so your 5 daily prayers and so on have it in place the way you dress and whatever else you have it in place.

Secondly, Stay away from the prohibitions. So You will be far from ponography,adultery far from major sins considered in islam as a muslim. There after make sure you utilize your spare time effectively and don’t indulge in that which is unnecessarily futal and it’s just going to take up brain space.

When you involve in a lot gossip and you want to know every detail of everyone’s life your memory is going to become weak. When you west your time watching movies and perhaps indulge yourself too much in something, your brain space is being occupied.

 Subconsciously your brain is working over time, it cools down at times it goes back and rewinds what has happened through the day, so you tend to forget things. If you free up your brain space you will obviously have a little bit more in terms of the capacity to memorize.

If you take it seriously you have eaten well you drink water in a fluid, perhaps in a little of milk (if you can drink the milk as in a health perspective ) As well eat healthy and you sleep well. 

You are trying to sleep on time everyday and get up on time everyday and don’t be lazy. And you keep yourself fresh you keep yourself clean and smart, you keep yourself in the condition of wudu. All this will help you to actually increase the capacity that you have in memorizing.

Repeations really helps, if you were to repeat something a lot you will be able to consolidate the memorization. So if you have learned one juz or ten juz  And each time you are moving forwards you go back towards what what you have learned and you keep revising and memorizing from the beginning upto where you’ve got to, you will find it consolidated in a beautiful way.

How to memorize the quran 2020

Remember not to waste a lot time with futile things especially while you are trying to memorize something. Try to also not occupy yourself with that which is unnecessary futile. Don’t engage in backbiting and gossip and engage in the dhikr of Allah.

The memorization of the Quran will require you to keep your tongue moist with the dhikr and also with the praise of allah. Send blessings and salutations upon the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and make dua, which means sublicate or pray (callout ) to Allah to help you to memorize.

 Ask Allah constantly “Oo Allah help me memorize this. ” and be serious about it, if you are serious insha Allah and you can enjoy your life and you set a side the amount of time that you are going to spend on your phone in a constructive way but still it needs to be limited.


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